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Gugi's Global Foods provides eight seasonings that are richer—with more dramatic taste—than the other seasoning products on the market. Cooks and chefs alike have complimented Gugi's seasonings for depth of flavor. These complete blend seasonings have a signature flavor with universal taste and worldwide appeal.

  • Gugi's seasonings have been presented to the American College of Cardiology; and are designated kosher ([Kosher Trademark]) by The Orthodox Union.
  • Low-sodium and no salt varieties are included in our two product lines: Aunt Cora's and Miracle Blend.
  • All seasonings are produced free of additives, preservatives, or gluten.
  • Seasonings can be used individually or in combination for unique and satisfying taste sensations; use them to create a unique BBQ dry rub.
  • We can supply your seasonings needs in various quantities from bottles to cases.
  • Spice up your cooking and grilling by seasoning your meats, chicken, fish, and vegetables with our seasoning blends.
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Aunt Cora's
  • Vegetarian Blend
  • Soulful Seasoning
  • Hot N' Sassy
  • Garden Blend
Miracle Blend
  • Salad Seasoning
  • All Purpose Seasoning
  • Spicy Creole
  • Herbal Seasoning